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(if you are a regular reader) feel free to write to me for help with your own ideas or any of mine.... You can write me at: Like I always say, million dollar ideas are floating around all the time.You as a human being have the ability to change your circumstances any time you honestly choose to do so.... That being said lets move on to some more wealth ideas....This is how Joe. H. came upon his million dollar idea. Remember your higher power is always ready to do the same for you....

1. Car Intermediary;

Joe could not find a job in his hometown. Since the mill had closed he had been struggling to feed his family and was on the verge of losing his home. He knew he had to come up with something. While sitting down to his meal of rice for the 3rd time that week, Joe racked his brain. His wife's face looked drawn and tight. Fear of the future had them both barely speaking anymore. Joe glanced out the front window and spied his run down Chevy. Man he wanted a new car! Hell, for that matter he wanted a new home new life ...... He just wanted to make things better for his poor wife. She had put up with so much! He watched as his disabled neighbor Benny struggled to get out of his new car. For one second Joe was jealous and the next he felt guilty. His neighbor was disabled and had been since birth. What kind of jerk would feel jealousy and anger instead of sympathy. He wiped his mouth and ran out to help Benny. Benny smiled gratefully up at Joe as he gently guided him from the car. "I had to wait 3 months for them to equip it so I could drive it and still they claim they don't have the part to help me exit it- it's so frustrating" Benny sighed. "I've been down there arguing with those people many times, and in my condition -that's a lot on me!" Joe nodded sympathetically, as he helped Benny into the house. But having a captive audience was too much for Benny. He showed Joe the mountain of paperwork, he had incurred trying to get the part that would enable him to exist freely from the car. He talked incessantly about how hard it was on him to go through this. Joe was sympathetic, but he could not help thinking-"at least you've got the money to buy that part and that car and any damn thing else you want!" But when he looked at Benny's tired face, he felt guilty. It wasn't Benny's fault he was broke and out of work. He suddenly had an idea. "Ben, whadda say I find that part for you for a fee?" he asked. Benny's face instantly brightened. "yes please -I'll gladly pay it. I'm so tired of trying to fight with these people-yes please!" Joe suddenly felt optimistic for the first time in months. He and Benny came to a fee agreement and within 2 days Joe had not only located the part but had arranged for the part to be installed in the car. He had the car back to Benny by the end of the week. Joe even had it washed he was -grateful for the fee he desperately needed. Benny, also was beside himself with gratitude. He not only paid Joe the 200.00 fee in cash, he called some of his disabled friends and referred them to Joe. Within 2 weeks Joe had a thriving business finding parts for not only disabled people but all kinds of special needs Medical, pregnancy, young, old or any kind of need. He would haggle with the dealer and save the client sometimes thousands thereby making them more than glad to pay his fee. He also made sure the cars were delivered clean and installed. Before he knew what was happening he had to turn clients away. There were just not enough hours to help everyone. He had to limit his business to 30 cars per month.But at 200.00 a pop he was making a killing and still had plenty of time to spend with his family. Now they moved from their house because they wanted to not because they had to. Joe and his family moved to a home 3x larger and bought a brand new car for both he and his wife. This is a business anyone can start. You can use newspaper ads or flyer's or just business cards. Depending on how fast you want to grow. You will need to have a large metropolitan area nearby, as it will be hard to do this in a very small town. But this can be adapted to finding homes, apartments vehicles or anything else. Use your imagination. You really do have the answers inside of you. Just ask and then listen.......But most of all -just do it!

2. Trucking to a fortune:

There is a guy, my sister -in law, and I went to, to buy my brother a truck for his birthday. You know the custom made miniature trucks that men love. She actually paid 1000.00 for this truck! I could not believe it. The truck had working lights, sound and lift that actually lifted! The guy, Mike told us that this is one of his least expensive trucks! He says they sell from 800-4000! I was shocked. He showed us how he goes onto websites and takes pictures of the truck being built and how people email him with the order confirmation before the trucks are even finished. He makes over 10.000 per month doing a hobby that he absolutely loves. He says he would never work for anyone ever again and that he now has money and free time. He said very few people know about the money in this business. He has a store on eBay and he buys the trucks whole and sells them for parts because the parts are extremely hard to find. He says he started making hand made trucks because he wanted ones that were different. He also wanted to show people who bought his truck parts what they could do with the parts. The guys went crazy over his hand made trucks and they are constantly on back order. His parts business also exploded! He is now turning jobs down because he does not need more money. Isn't that a wonderful thought "to just not need any more money!" This can be you as well. Find a hobby you love. Don't bother trying to do trucks if you hate trucks -your apathy will come through, and prevent you from being successful. Pick something you love and then find communities on the Internet who share your interest. Take pictures and set up a selling email or use pay pal. People love pay pal because they feel safe knowing you do not have their personal info...This man makes 10 k per month but he could easily double that if he wanted to. He was relaxed and happy. Too many people are stressed and tired from trying to make it on a dead end job. Think outside the box, and see what you come up with....You can also write me for help remember.....

3. Letter riches;

This idea is so cute I had to include it. A few years ago, a friend of mine was the mommy of a precious little 4 year old, named Samantha. We called her Sam for short, but anyway. One day Sam wrote a letter to Santa and carefully signed it and sent it to the 'Norf poel' (as she spelled it) We thought it was cute and that she would forget about it, but everyday she ran up to the house and asked "mommy, did Santa send me mail?' I could tell my friend felt worse and worse having to tell her child the letter did not come. Finally, I went to the dollar store, bought some child's stationary and sat my friend down so we could compose a letter for Sam. Lisa, my friend was very reluctant to do this as she did not want to lie to her child. I convinced her that it was harmless and would make Sam very happy so we composed a letter and sent it to "Sam-Santa's special little friend" Sam was ecstatic when she got the letter, she read it until it was falling apart and showed it to all of her little friends. Soon Lisa was swamped with parental requests for more letters. In no time at all Lisa had a nice little sideline business writing and mailing letters all over the US. She advertises in magazines like home business, and direct mail. She charges up to 8.00 depending on how far and how much detail the letter requires. She still thanks me for starting her on this path. She loves it and makes pretty good money (about 1500.00 per week. Not bad for about 20 hours of work per month. Like I said, there are million dollar ideas floating around all the time. Lisa thinks I was the brainchild behind her idea but that thought must have occurred to her before I ever said anything! We ALL have million dollar ideas every day the point is to write them down and bring them to fruition....

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Wealth Ideas for the entrepreneurs:

#1 Build yourself a new house with doll houses!

When we lived in Hawaii years ago, (when I was a child) I remember going to kaleheo high school. We had a home economics class, with a teacher who considered herself to be very resourceful and wanted us to be as well. One day she gave us an assignment that we would have to create something that could be sold for a good profit. It had to be something we created, and we had create our own demand for it.I remember going home and racking my brain trying to figure out what I could make. Unfortunately for me, I'm one of those people with so many talents it's extremely hard to pin myself down to one. (I'm not bragging, just being honest. ) I got those talents from my dad who was the same way. Anyway, while sitting on my bed trying to decide how best to show off and make the rest of the class look bad, my eyes fell on the dollhouse daddy had make for me for X-mas. It was a handmade 3 story house with interchangeable walls stairs, rails etc. It was a work of art, and my favorite 'toy'. I decided to see if I could make a prototype of mine which would be lighter and easier to carry to school. I took a large cardboard box and cut it open. I used hangers to support the 2nd floor. I used aluminum foil to make mirrors and basically let my imagination run wild. I took some old tile cracked it up and made a kitchen floor (to resemble marble) I cut doors and windows and made curtains and used long silver bobby pins as rods. I made furniture and used shelf liner as wall paper and even made a little fake playboy magazine for the coffee table. The next day I had my brother bring it in when the teacher asked for my project. I unwrapped it dramatically and was shocked at the reaction. I expected the girls to be interested but never the guys! The kids practically bombarded me trying to find out how to get a 'real one' (remember this one was made of cardboard) They flooded me with offers of money and begged me to make one for them. I easily won most valuable project and best of all I found a doll house maker (daddy did not want to make anymore) and gave him the orders.He was delighted to have the business! He made the houses and had a repeat and steady biz making the furniture and accessories. I got 25% just for passing on the orders and the cheapest one was 200.00! I was making hundred per month doing nothing! My point is God has given you talent too. We all have talent at something. Whatever you want in life you have everything inside of you, you need to get it! Visit a hobby store and see what peaks your interest. Go home and duplicate it, If you love to do it -there is somebody who will want to buy it from you. I look back at that experience in Hawaii and I realize I could have turned that into a million dollar business...and so can you. You could choose to just make the furniture or household accessories. The sky really is the limit. I know some of the furniture I made for my dollhouse bore a tiny label saying 'liberty house' Liberty house was a very exclusive store in Hawaii and everyone wanted to shop there. The kids went crazy over all the details. That's what makes a million dollar business, the details. If you create something people can get anywhere, it will have limited value. It is the details that make it different and more valuable than everyone else's......Remember this when it comes to hobbies and you are almost sure to make a million-Everyone wants to brag and say... 'this is an exclusive", or "this is handmade" or They will fudge the truth a little and say "this was made just for me, and there's not another one like this" When you can give your customers the right to say those words, they will make you rich! And all it takes is making each one a little different and maybe attaching a label like 'one of a kind creations by________"or miniature condos by exclusive creations' you get the idea.....

#2 Need an extra 500-1000 per month? ----Be a clipping service!

If you look in the phone book, you will find listing for clipping services. (or, clipping bureaus) What they do is clip news items from the paper for their clients and get paid a set fee. You can offer to be a reader for them. All you would do is read different papers and find items of interest and send to them. If you live near a large city, you will find several companies like this. If you are in a small area, there will not be many. If they will not hire you, simply become their competition. People do not realize it is much easier for the average person to become the competition of a large established company for one reason. It is that-big companies do not listen to their customers! They have gotten so big, they no longer think the individual person matters. They are looking at the whole pie and not a slice of it. The problem is, once you have this mindset, your business is likely to suffer a setback. You see the customer can sense this attitude. But back to the lesson, -To start your own clipping service, do this:Advertise in papers, mags or use press release to get free publicity from the newspaper. You need to make your work stand out. How? laminate your clips of special events and send them to people. People will gladly pay a few dollars for a nice memento of a special occasion in their lives. Also you can call various companies and ask if they use clipping services. You can build your clientele up as high as you want. Many magazines and papers would fold without the help of clipping services. This is a business that would be good for the handi-capped or shut ins etc. People who need extra money but are unable for whatever reason to go outside and earn it (or just want to be in) This business will NOT make you rich, but you can earn some good part time income without much trouble....Advertise your way to millions!This is a business not for the feint of heart. The truth is almost anything can become a billboard and an advertising post. One enterprising young man made bus stops for his city completely free. The catch was he sold ad space on the bus stops and made a killing. All over the America, people are getting rich selling advertising. The young girl who invented '' at 15! put her schools yearbook on the Internet completely free. other schools of course followed suit and begged her to do it for them. The service is completely free but the advertising this young lady sells, makes her millions of dollars per year! check out yearbook .com to see the set up of her company. This is something anyone could have thought of. Who would have thought yearbooks were not online in the year 2005! (when she started.) One enterprising young man bought a raggedy truck, cut it in half lengthwise (to get massive attention) and sold advertising on the remaining half. Businesses fought to get their company on the strange truck. He now makes over 150.000 per year (after taxes )just riding around in the strange truck! His business is called 'the quack'er Ads.

#3 Bench the big bucks!!!

Here is a million dollar idea you can start today if you are serious about changing your life

if you are good with your hands or know someone who is: Go to your city counsel meeting and offer free bus benches. Tell them you will pay for them. Most will NOT turn you down. Then make them or have someone else make them. They must be sturdy and long lasting. Metal or concrete will last much longer than wood. Once the benches are made and delivered, you own them! That means you can sell ad space! You do not need to even contact anyone, simply place an ad for your ad agency on the bench. Or put a ad saying 'to advertise on this bench call _________. Companies will get the idea and call to ask how to get their ads on the bench. The beauty of this is you will sell all the space because when people are sitting with nothing to do, they WILL read the ads, and companies know this. Also, this business will make you money 24 hours per day 7 days per week! With you doing nothing else!!! Did you hear that -you won't have to work overtime or go in on weekends to make more money . Simply add more benches! You can easily expand into other towns and make millions! Most people walk past million dollar opportunities everyday because they are not trained to see them! I would call this business something catchy like rent-a-bench or Sara's bench biz! Something catchy like that. Like I always say million dollar ideas are floating in the air, you only have to pull one out and use it! Good luck guys and you can always write me for help or advice (my readers only please) at Thanks for tuning in-see you next time-S
Wealth Ideas #1 (Metal Money) -hundreds per day!

This one I learned of from a man on our block. One day, we threw my daughter's old bed away to make room for her brand new one. She was excited because she was getting a queen size this time and she was looking forward to all the added space. She is a wild sleeper who often fell out of her former twin bed. After we threw her old bed out, I did not tell anyone else in the house but I was a tad concerned that the garbage men would not take it. It was sitting against the large fence in front of the house with the mattresses and all steel part that goes under to support the bed. The all metal poles went out last. As I tidied up the poles in the garbage can, I could feel eyes watching me. I looked up in time to see several men eyeing the things we had thrown out. I just figured they wanted the mattresses, although I don't know why anyone would want someone's discarded mattress. I knew people often took them. Well my suspicions were right. No sooner had I closed the door when I heard yelling in Spanish. I peeked through the front window and watched 2 of the men I had seen earlier fighting over the mattresses. While they augued over who had seen them first, a truck pulled up and a guy dressed in overalls, snatched up the railings and under bed support with the poles. The 2 men turned around and gave a scream as they realized he had taken the metal parts and tried to chase the truck down. My neighbor stood on his porch laughing at the scene while he sipped coffee. My curiosity got the better of me, and I came out to ask him why they wanted the stuff. "well,"He told me "I guess they needed mattresses is my guess about the mattresses -but the metal fetches a damn good price! Just the bed parts, that man took just, will net him about 50.00!" I was stunned. "Are you serious? " I asked. "Sure" he told me. "I used to work at the metal shop on Clint Street for years" "You can even take old, small non running cars, Even a small car will get you about 500.00!" I was now shocked. I knew I had to tell you ladies that. For all of you who have old metal, especially large pieces of metal. Look in you phone book and look up metal centers. In some parts they are called recycling centers. and take all of your old outdated metal things and clean up at the bank. If you have an old car that is in danger of rusting into the ground, get paid to get rid of it. Also later I met a guy who told me that he makes 200.00 per day just by riding around the city close to garbage day and collecting all the metal and taking it away. He said his brother has an ad in the paper to haul old metal things away for free, and he has more calls than he can handle. If you have a pick up or know someone who does, and don't mind getting your hands dirty, this may be the perfect biz for you. You will need to dress in strong jeans and be prepared to work. But this business is def. doable, especially if you like outdoor work and lifting does not scare you. You can build this up with one or two helpers and make a killing in your city. Most people walk right past million dollar opportunities every day, decide now to open your lovely eyes and really see them...

Wealth Idea # 2 (Menus to success)

This is a very good business for those who are sociable and really like people. I did this business years ago when I was flat broke and needed to earn money to leave the state, and get away from my crazy Ex. I know how wonderful this business can be. Not only did it support me and my child when I only had 50.00 in seed capital to start it with, but when I fled the state, I sold it to a good friend for 15.000! That's how lucrative it had become in just 6 months! Now 15k may not sound like alot but I can tell you, it's a whole lot for a baby business, and it allowed me the freedom to heal and spend much needed time with my precious daughter. If you really like people and the idea of hard work turns your stomach-this may be the biz for you. The work is very easy and you'll be socializing more than anything else. This is how it works. I went to my favorite restaurant in town and offered them free menus. They happily accepted. I found out who some of their favorite regular customers were, and offered to place their advertisements on the menu for free. I did about 5 top customers for free because I needed a sample menu. I took it to a printer, had it laminated and took a few samples iwth me. I gave the printer 50.00 down and promised payment in two weeks. I remember being on pins and needles because I did not have the money. I was definitely stepping out on faith. I took the samples and showed several restaurants in the area. I offered them free menus as well, and talked about how would they like to see their best customers on the menu. This time, I went to see their customers and charged them 100.00 for a small ad and up to 250.00 for a double space front or center ad. I took type set copies of their ads and had the menus printed. I sold all the ad space in about a week. I had about 1500.00 after printing fees. I took this money and paid for my original menus and still had over 1000 left along with a lucrative business. This is a great biz for people who love to take lots of coffee brakes and make money simply by talking to people. The more the people like the restaurant to faster they will buy the ad space. I was truly shocked at how easy it was to sell the spaces. Many times I would simply mention the restaurant and they wanted a spot! The money is great! but probably the best thing about this business is that you will meet all kinds of people in your town. If you are the type who wants to meet the business people in your town, this is a great business to start. I met many handsome unmarried white men while I did this business. It was a bigger bonus than the money. But believe me the money is great! Here is how you get the customers. After you line up the restaurant, use the phone book to jar the owners memory about his customers. Then simply call and get an appointment. I can tell you from experience that when you get the appointment, you have an 85-90% chance of getting the sale. I did this business and I know what I am talking about. Just get the appointment, I was nervous, stuttering and totally inexperienced. and I still got 85-90% of all my appointments! You can do this. And after the first one it's much much easier. Pick a name for your biz. Mine was magic menus and I got business cards after my 2nd restaurant. Just make sure that you deliver because the restaurant's reputation is on the line (and yours too) and they do not want to look bad in front of their favorite customers. All you need to start this business is some menus done to show for example. Line up a popular restaurant in your town and use them as your example. This must be bonifide sample because people will call to check it out. This opportunity can easily make up to 2.000 every 2 weeks (that's what mine made anyway, you can definitely make more with more work) This is a fun business with no heavy hauling, lifting, or back breaking work involved. But remember you must be the sociable type. If you hate to meet new people this business will not be a good fit for you. But with commitment, you can make really good money in this biz. BTW, my friend who took over my old business, perfected it and makes 2500.00 per week!!! Twice what I was making and she constantly turns people away! She absolutely loves it! and has become super popular in her town as a bonus! --including meeting her rich white husband!!!!.....and here I thought I was good at it......

Wealth Idea #3 (little servers and a stripper)

This idea I came up with at a friend's house last summer. We were throwing a bridal shower for an old very religious friend. She was offended by everything traditional, and was extremely conservative. So we knew that a stripper would be out of the question, but we both felt the party needed some spice to it. We also needed servers for the party and did not want to waste alot of money hiring some. I came up with this clever little idea that anyone with a little initiative could turn into a thriving business. On the day of the party we arrived with our troop of little waitresses. I had taken about 5 of my little nieces given them 10.00 each for the day and dressed them in little maid costumes. They looked so cute. They all had on little black dresses, stocking, and tiny high, but flat heels. The bride absolutely loved them. Then after they served the meal, and everyone was relaxed, out came our little stripper. Except he was a little cousin of mine who only danced around and took off his shirt. The women loved him and filled his pockets with money. Everyone thought it was hilarious including the bride, who was happy we had respected her wishes. It ended up being one of the best bridal showers I have ever attended, and after that one I later found out that the kids had taken the idea, and rented themselves out as a package to several different parties, with my sister acting as their agent! Everybody seemed to love them! They served and stripped all over town! People thought they were so cute! The smaller kids are, the more money they will make at something like this obviously. as this is a novelty act. But they made a killing last summer and plan to do it again this summer. This is taking the initiative, why let a good idea die on the vine, you must be willing to breathe life into it, and get it going. It is always a good idea to get kids interested in entrepreneurial endeavors while they are young. Even if they want a traditional job, you want them to have the choice and the ability to invent a biz should anything happen. The job market is extremely volatile and unstable. The last thing anyone should do is depend on it! Encourage your children to come up with some of their own ideas and help them bring them to fruition. Encourage them to look for needs in their community and find ways to fill them.... Thank you for tuning in and remember you can write me with questions, or for help to: (my readers only)
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Mobile homes to millions!

This idea can make you rich, but it won't be overnight. It can be built as large as you like and you will become rich (IF) you stick with it. Many places in America lack affordable housing. I'm sure you all know this. Many people are forced to live with relatives or in places far to small for their family size. Did you know that you can purchase mobile homes from banks and finance companies for a fraction of what houses cost? Well you can. Many mobile homes can be purchase for less than with 20% down! That equals only 3 thousand dollars! and many can be purchased (distressed) for less than that! You can set up a mobile park and provide much needed shelter to deserving families. The rent will cover your payment and then some. You can easily grow rich with a little persistence. And qualifying for a mobile home is super easy. It's much easier than a house. Usually, you will only need to be over 21, have a job and a small down payment! This is how you get rich from this idea. Simply lease to own to people who desperately want to own a "home" (no, it's not a house, but it sure beats living with relatives!) charge 15% interest, and watch your profits grow every year. and interest rate of 15% will double your money in less than 5 years! To get started, contact banks in your area, and tell them you want to buy distressed mobile homes. Also, contact finance companies and send a letter regarding your business. In a few months, you will be swamped with offers. You can always bring in a partner to start, if you need to. This is a get rich in a few years business so don't expect instant profits. But it is definitely get rich for sure....write me if you need more help....

Home Teaching to Success!

Did you know that Robert Allen, the famous real estate entrepreneur started out his career giving home real estate lessons in his home? Did you know that he was soon grossing more than 10,000 per month teaching others to do what he had learned to do by trial and error? If you have a skill, and need quick money you can easily follow this almost sure path to financial freedom. Many people would love to go a few nights per week and learn a new skill in a comfortable and informal environment. They are intimidated by going to a classroom setting and would love to learn with a few friends around a warm living room, versus a cold sterile class. Write down some subjects you particularly like and then spend a month or two learning them inside out. After you really feel that you are ready, advertise in the paper that you can teach anyone the same subject. Some excellent ideas for this are basic mechanics for women, Real Estate-always good, and always intimidating to many people) learning to save money, investing 101, How to take care of the elderly or small children, or even how to work a computer. Many people even in this day and age know only how to turn one on and that's about it! You can advertise your service for 2 or 3 days per week and by charging just 25.00 per lesson, you can make 50-75.00 per person/per week! So a modest number of people, say 10 will give you 500-750.00 per week!!! and that's just for a few hours of your time! What's really important about this is to chose something you have a total interest in. For me, I would obviously choose black women learning to attract wm, and teaching women to be financially secure and then grow rich. These two subjects really do it for me. I love to see people improve their lives and grow rich, not just in wealth, but in happiness... Always choose a subject that gets you excited, otherwise, the money will not sustain your interest and you will find yourself trying to avoid the classes... If you are not comfortable having people in your home, you can always rent a YMCA room or a college class room. This will also enable you to teach more people if you don't mind giving up the intimacy of a warm living room....

Get a Free HOUSE!!!

Have you ever heard of a law on the books called the adverse possession law? Basically this law says that abandoned property may be taken over by someone who pays the taxes and lives in the home 'adverse to the interest of the owner' What does this mean? I will give you an example. Suppose you take a different way home from work one day, and you see a house that looks totally forgotten. You stop and get out and look more closely at the house. It has weeds everywhere and looks like it has been neglected for a few years. You take down the address and make a trip to the court house to check it out. Turns out it has 6,000 in taxes due and the owner has not be seen in a few years. You turn to a service called and research for the owner or relatives. It appears he has disappeared or passed away. You quickly pay the taxes, and begin to fix up the property. You advertise in the paper that you are selling the house, now you are not really selling the house, but what you are doing is a law requirement for adverse possession. That is giving public notice that you are taking over the house. You clean, paint and repair until the house bears little resemblance to it's former self. You move in and keep the taxes paid. You can even rent it out and keep the profits. but you cannot sell it until the statue of limitations runs out in your state. (this varies by the state) but it also (for most states) includes the time the owner has been gone. This law is so that property which is not being used and is attracting a criminal element can be put back into circulation and the taxes can be paid. Abandoned houses are a mecca for drug dealers, addicts, crime and tax money deficits. Therefore, people are encouraged to take advantage of this law. I know you are wondering what happens if the owner suddenly shows up. Well, first of all, he owes you the tax money and you can refuse to give possession back until the debt is satisfied. Second, if he has been gone for years, what do you think the chances of him suddenly showing up or wanting the property are? Third, simply tell him the property was lost at tax sale. Most people who are gone for years will not question this. They know they cannot expect to not pay property tax and keep their property! This is a real law and it really works! I have a friend who adverse possessed a cute little 3 bedroom home a few years ago. She fixed it up and has been happily living there with her kids ever since. While many single moms on her street are struggling to pay their rent/mortgage, she lives happily free and saves a fortune on monthly costs! She's ecstatic that I gave her this idea a few years ago, and estimates that she has saved about 40,000 in housing costs in the last 5 years! You can easily look this law up at your library, or Google adverse possession and buy a book on the subject to guide you- good luck and write me if you need help at:
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Some extra wealth tips....
Wealth Ideas follow......Here is another good reason to start a business. Maybe you don't want big money from you small biz, maybe you just need to save some tax money. Either way, whether you want to be big or small: take the following steps for your business to save thousands of dollars per year in taxes.1. Get a business plan listing your plans and goals2. Register your business with your local county clerk3. Set up a business bank acct. ( I've gone over how to do this in prev. posts)4. Use Professional stationary and business cards (dirt cheap on the Internet, Ive gone over where to find them in prev. posts)5. Get company listing in your phone book6. Advertise in papers, direct mail, fliers, etc to build customer lists7. Keep accurate records and books

Wealth idea #1 (windows to profits)

Here is an idea for those of you who do not personally want to do the work, yet do not mind supervising others. You can have this business up in about 1 month and the benefits are:No office needed, you can work from home.No previous experience required (easy to learn)Work full or part-timeThis is needed in EVERY city.Very low start-up capital needed. (150-400.00You can pretty easily earn 4-5000 per month with this business if you are willing to work (supervise people.) What you do is this; Place an ad for businesses needing window washing, If you want to build your business really fast go out and meet business owners, talk to them about their dirty windows and leave them your business card. (pass 1000 to have all the business you can handle in 3 months!) Anyway if you don't mind building more slowly, place an ad and when people call, say that you are swamped and that you will call them back when you have someone available. In the meantime, place an employee wanted ad like this:

(Good paying job, no exper. nec. strong, dependable and puncual is a must! call____________ for an interview.

Interview at a public place Mcdonalds is fine. DO NOT LET TOTAL STRANGERS NEAR YOUR HOME! Have them bring proof of ID, citizenship and references. As you all know, I believe in the background check. -however that is totally up to you if you choose to to use it. Once they are hired supply them with basic window cleaning supplies, almost everything you need can be found at the dollar store except for the ladder. (you can have them use a long handled window squeegee instead.) This business will never go out of style because so many people hate doing windows. A very easy way to get all the business you could ever want is to partner with maid services and cross promote. They hate being asked to do windows and would welcome the chance to refer someone else to do them. You on the other hand will constantly be asked for people who will do all the other work and you can recommend the maid services, that you choose to work with. You can charge by the window or by the hour 20-25 .00 per hour or 3-7 .00 per window depending on the size. Or you can have the windows counted and give a flat rate. If your workers do a good job business will EXPLODE because word of mouth will get you more work than you have people to handle. Usually I do not recommend having a DBA with workers but this business will allow you to cover you butt like this; Get a DBA at your county courthouse, use it to open a business acct. Insert the checks and cash from your customers and pay your employees with a business check. C.O.A. > *Cover your ass * -have your employees sign an agreement stating that they will be liable for any damage that they cause to a premise.and that THEY will pay for it. (subtract it from their pay) Give them a copy and keep one on file. Use these tips to look/be more professional.have them wear matching clothes (like black pants and shirts with co. name and phone# (Google personalized clothing)use a set-aside phone or answering service to take calls (you can get a answering service for less than 20.00 per month (Google answering serv.)Use magnetic signs on your car or make your employees use them when on the job.Use printed envelopes and invoices ( I use a company I found by just yahooing (cheap printing) I pay about 50 bucks for 1000 very nice envelopes! it is up to you. You can go on and complain that you hate your job and they do not pay you enough for this bullsh*t.
I have news for you THEY NEVER WILL PAY YOU ENOUGH! PEOPLE WHO ARE AFRAID TO STEP OUT INTO RISK MUST ALWAYS SETTLE FOR THE CRUMBS! That is the way it has always been. Ask yourself how much are you going to pay your workers? The answer is "as little as possible" that is just the way it is. You are going to say to yourself "this is America they could have started something of their own, they didn't have the guts, so they must work for me and settle for what I pay and that's the way it is. I can ALWAYS find more workers who will work for peanuts! and you would be right. People are so afraid of doing their own thing, they will settle for peanuts too many times to count. It's not nice but it is LIFE. If you want the best in life, you must give it to yourself: Nobody else will!This business will probably not make you a millionaire, but it could fairly easily make you 100.000 per year. It definitely works, and the fact that is is a hated job is the beauty of it. It is a service that will never go out of style and it will feed and clothe your family in financial security, warmth and comfort for as long as you choose to work it.

Wealth Idea#2 (driveway mad money)

This is one that should appeal to all you lazy people out there. Because you can earn mad money doing almost nothing.If your home is located near a busy downtown or college campus, you can earn some mad money this way. In this part of New Jersey parking is terrible. I know of a person who not only rents out her double driveway for 100.00 per month each space =200.00 per month but she has rented 6 spaces near her home from her neighbors (unused spots) for 40-50.00 each and re-rents them for 100.00 each. She gives her renters a little pass signed by her with the date of expiration and they leave it in their front window so the neighbor knows it is one of "her cars" and not to have it towed. she makes 500.00 per month doing absolutely nothing! (except a small sign on her grass saying parking places for rent with phone #.) If your town won't permit the sign, you can use college bulletin boards, Ads or word of mouth. This is just for mad money this will not pay your bills but it sure helps if you just need a little spending money, especially since you are doing absolutely nothing!

Wealth idea #3 (Ad- riches)

This idea is so good, I am almost tempted to keep it to myself, although it is by no means a no-work idea. You will definitely work, yet the money is fantastic! This is how it goes, You record a business name at the county courthouse (DBA) Something catchy like_________________{insert your town name} best flyer delivery service. You would then open a bank acct. for your business using the name. Place a newspaper ad like this;(Advertise door to door to for 1/4 the cost of postage! call _______________When people call tell them that your company will take their advertising door to door and guarantee no lost units for only 10. each -one little dime. When they ask how you can afford to do it at that price-let them know that you will do it in units of 3000-5000 =300.00 or 500.00 explain that you will be delivering it with other non-competing businesses and that all manchandise will be in door bags and taken straight to the customer's door. This is a price they cannot beat anywhere! The cost of a single postage stamp is over 40. !!! Once you set up this business and your customer has a chance to see how beneficial this service is to him, you will have more calls than you can handle! This is how you handle it. Pick up your customers flyers, ads, or circulars etc. and put all in a door hanger bag (google door hanger bags people, this ain't rocket science) You drive and get 2 dependable young people (have 2 stand byes, young people are not known for their dependability) anyway have the 2 young people get out at every street and deliver to both sides at once. You can even pay them to stuff the door bags or use your kids and make them earn the money they are always begging for. You should be able to go through up to 5000 bags in no more than 5 days. Send your client an invoice (any office store will have them, sometimes even the dollar store has them) pay your people decent because they will only be getting about 1 week of work or if you are really ambitious , go to the next ajoining area and repeat the process. You should be able to have 20 clients in 2-3 months, if you work at it. And that is really ALL YOU NEED! 20 clients will enable you to make 7000-10.000 per month! (depending on whether they are 3000-5000 unit clients) Once you have your client list, and your client realizes the value of your service, (and you have people fighting over your business) you can and should insist on only 5000 unit clients because it is pretty much the same amount of work and it is easier it is all the same in number. offer the 3000 unit -only as a starter unit. This business is being done in my area right now by some snot nosed kid who is making a fortune! and he does not do any deliveries himself -he only drives- You can do this too. The main ingredient in working for yourself is BELEIF. You must beleive you can do it You must give yourself time for it to work! Anything that someone else is doing you can do as well! (If you are willing to put in the work) That is the saddest part about the job market. People start to see themselves as employees and then it is so damn hard to change that mindset. You must learn to see yourself as a wealth opportunist. Someone who takes advantage of the wealth opportunities that are all around us! Did you know that the average person has many million dollar, ideas every day! yet because he has been conditioned to just keep on working, most people will ignore these ideas and slave away until they are fired. Then they will experience extreme fear, and hurry and try to find another slave position. All the while, terrified of being fired again and wishing they had the guts to start something of their own. Folks, this is what conditioning doe's to you. That's why I cannot understand what the debate is when it comes to heridity -v- environment. There is no question that people are a product of their environment! You can take identical twins and raise them in separate homes, in which one has self-employed, confident, and successful and parents and the other has struggling , fearful, employee parents. You can literally watch how the employee child knows no other way except to "get a good job" when the job turns into a nightmare of low pay, downsizing, no time for family, or vacation, he will still fight himself over the need to "get another good job" No matter how much he hates it. No matter how much he wants to be free, he has been conditioned to seek security, and his conditioning is controlling him. The sad part is SECURITY IS AN OPTICAL ILLUSION -IT DOE'S NOT EXIST! His brother on the other hand will know "although there is no security, nobody needs it because the only thing you need is opportunity and there is no shortage of opportunity only a shortage of courage". And since his parents have instilled that courage in him> the world is his oyster! He will live far, far better than his brother in houses his brother dare not dream about (because they don't make them for employees but for EMPLOYERS AND ENTREPRENEURS ) He will most likely visit places his brother can only read about and send his kids to schools his brother's kids have never heard about. People it is truly a whole different world if you would only TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR LIFE!!! You only have to believe and then do it! (if thou canst only believe, all things are possible to him that believe ) -the biblePS-please write and share with me how my ideas and tips have helped you. It doe's my heart good to help people.

Wealth idea #4 Seniors to riches!

If you have a large house and some time on your hands or want to stay home with the kids, this might work for you. Did you know that in most states you can have 2 senior citizens in your home without a license (most, check your state) It works like this: you know that most seniors do not want to be in a nursing home. You can board up to 2 and charge up to 1000.00 per. month each! You simply provide a warm home environment and feed and treat them like a family member. Most seniors would love to get into a family home rather than a nursing home. You may be required to take a first aid class. You can call your local Social Services to find out how to get set up. Once you pass your class, advertise in the paper under senior care or situations wanted. You can also register with your dept of Social Services and get people referred to you provided, you treat them well. With this idea, you will have a list of people who would love to get in your house, and you can simply place them on a waiting list. I know of one person who bought a duplex and cares for 4 people in one apartment, she and her child live in the other. She charges 1150.00 per month each and This enables her to pay all of her bills + have plenty of spending money without going to work! She is very happy the oldsters are very happy and it is a good situation. If you feel that you do not have the temperament to be bothered with making a few meals or making sure people take their meds-then please look elsewhere, for these people deserve *good homes* Wealth idea #2 I very much keep my eyes open when it comes to finding out about MWS (Multiple Wealth Streams) and I happened upon this one last summer. My car broke down, and my sister told me about a guy who would come to you and fix minor problems. I called the number she gave me and he met me there about 4 hours later (he is very, very busy) It was a problem with my hoses and he charged me about the same price as the mechanics in the garbage, but I was delighted because I saved about 120-150 in towing fees! If you know an out of work mechanic or few, you can set this business up (You can always find some using papers, fliers, signs etc.) You find some mechanics who need more work, and you refer them to people, using a cell phone. All calls go through you, so you can mark down the jobs. You simply send the mechanics out and split 50/50 or whatever you agree on. Just remember that he would not get the jobs without you, so don't go less than 1/3. You can easily make 1000.00 per month /per mechanic. To increase your income simply advertise more. Pick a catchy name like *The rolling mechanics* or something similar. Make sure you do check your mechanic's references and that they are free of criminal activity. The last thing you want is for some poor family/female to be struck on the road with a criminal, who is working for you! You can easily have a background check done and make them pay for it. Most people will do anything to avoid having to take charge of their own lives. In others words if you make it seem like they work for you, instead themselves, they will happily comply with whatever your rules and stipulations are. Incorporate as soon as you can. it is only a few hundred dollars and well worth it. You do not want to use a DBA when you have others working for you, as too many things can happen and you could be held liable. Only use a DBA when you are the one doing the work. Send your ideas and questions to
All Wealth ideas will be updated weekly! If you don't find anything to your liking -tune back in later. For help with your business or idea (or one of mine) write me at:

Wealth Idea #5 Negociate to riches!

Negotiate to wealthIf you like to talk to people and do not mind haggling, perhaps a career as a purchase negotiator is just the ticket for you. In many European countries, they negotiate everything. In the US people seem to think it's weird to negotiate over big ticket items, but the fact of the matter is that Americans could save millions per year, with just a little negotiation. If you are good at negotiation or are willing to learn, you can definitely make several thousand dollars per month helping people save money. The business works like this:1. You place a classified ad in the paper like this one;Let me save you money on your next car, home, or large purchase. I am a professional negotiator and will bargain for you. No cost if I don't save you money call _______________________2. Have your clients sign a simple agreement to pay you half of the amt. that you save them. Get a price he was expecting to pay, and go to work. Dress very professionally and carry a brief case. Speak with the owner (no salesmen) tell him that you are the customer's business manager and that you have to get rock bottom prices because he is quite frugal. Tell the owners that you can buy in volume if the price is low enough, (then use same company for future business) Take half of the savings as your fee. As you get better at this business you will make more and more money. Always keep a small log of your business contacts. Work consistently until you have to turn away business. The things you can use this business for include: cars, houses, lg. appliances, furniture etc. One of the best side effects are that you will become a master at what you do, and will meet some key business people in your town.....Easy Temping to 7ooo.oo per month!More and more companies are hiring temps instead of regular workers. The reasons are obvious, (they want to save on benefits, sick pay, liability insurance etc. One of the biggest inducements, is that personnel will already be background checked, finger printed, and somewhat trained in the field they are entering.The temp benefits by being able to go to work immediately and not having to wait an exhausting amount of time to 'get the job'. A specialized agency will definitely make more money than non specific one. These are the types of occupations you can specialize in:Accountantsbookkeeperscomputer operatorsdata processingday laborersmedical techniciansoffice/clerical worksecretarialtelemarketerswait staff etc.You can get a cheap office by making a deal with an owner of an office building to manage the building in exchange for one free office. All this entails is letting people know if space is available and taking messages for the owner. You can start this from your home if absolutely nec. however you will want to go elsewhere asap, as you will have strangers in your home-and this I never advise. place an ad for your workers and take a resume as well as an application on each.Run a cheap background check, and if the company wants them finger printed, let them pay and have it taken care of. You should pay your staff approximately 65% of what the company pays you. So that if you have 20 workers making 1000.00 per month part time, you would receive approx. 350.00 per each part time. That's 7.000 per month for those of you who hate math. The most important part of this business is marketing. You can use word of mouth but it's the slowest form. If you want to build quickly, I would advise going to businesses and giving them your information and speaking with them about the type of help they need at that time. You can also join a temp trade association for tips, tricks and help at:National Association of Temporary Services 119 S. St. Asaph street Alexandia Va 22314


Here is an excellent biz for those of you who live in vacation type places or can get to one easily.Many people love to ride mopeds for the fun and excitement but do not want to take on buying one because it is not a needed item. To start this business you simply lease a supply of mopeds at wholesale rates and rent them out by the hour or daily rates. Find a empty lot near a busy part of the city and arrange to lease it, or cross promote with a gas station to use part of their back lot in exchange for using their gas for all your 'bikes' You can use an old trailer or booth as your office. Put up a large clean attractive sign like this:MOPED RENTALS HERE!HOURLY, DAILY, WEEKLY!Leave fliers or business cards in all the hotels, restaurants, and local stores (who will allow it) and make sure your partner gas station has fliers handy. You can also add a few dirt bikes to your inventory. My uncle ( a true entrepreneur) has a friend who does this in Florida. Tourists mob him on a daily basis. He started with 5 mopeds that he leased with his last. In just four months, he had grossed over 50.000.00 dollars! His business is called Ron's Rentals but you can use your name or any name that's catchy. Try to keep it professional like Miami Bike Rentals sounds more professional than Ken's Rentals. This is definitely a business that is in great demand, but you will have to be there or have someone trustworthy in order to make it work. This is not a stay at home biz. So make sure you like the outdoors and people -good luck and this agency can help with questions and further information:American Rental Assoc., 1900 19 Street Moline IL 61265
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All Wealth ideas will be updated weekly, If you don't find anything to your liking: tune back in later.....Save fees when filing for bankruptcy.If you are in dire straights and need to file for bankruptcy, you can save hundreds in lawyer fees by going to an office store, getting the bankruptcy papers yourself, filling them out and turning them in. Make sure everyone you owe is on the forms. They are pretty self explanatory. Pay the court fee and submit them yourself. When you get to the hearing, ( usually within 60 days ) the judge will ask why you are not represented by council. Simply tell him you are broke and cannot afford it. If your affairs are cumbersome or too intricate, he will appoint one to you at a much cheaper rate, or hear the case without one... Help! they are going to seize my house! If your property is going to be seized in a lawsuit unmarried women this is what you can do. (Yes, dammit I know it's unethical!) But desperate times call for ..... Get Married! Your husband is not responsible for your debts, and once you place your assets in his name they cannot be seized! Married men, -Transfer your assets to your wife, she is not responsible for your debts and in her name they cannot be seized... If you have a small Corporation, you can transfer your assets to it. Corporations are considered legal entities, and cannot be levied against for the owner's debts You can wait out the statue of limitations. This is usually 3-8 years. However if it has been more than 3 years, 95% of creditors have already given up....Challenge a default judgement. If you are surprised to receive a notice of intent to enter a judgement against you, that means that the creditor was awarded a judgment without you being aware of count action taking place against you. (this is illegal, but not uncommon) Here is what you do: write the collection lawyer, tell him that the default judgement was obtained illegally since you did not receive a summons. Tell him that any further action on their part will result in legal action on your part. Send copies to The Civil Court Judge, The Attorney General of your state and the local Bar Association. (remember, they cannot stick it on your door and assume you received it, it must be delivered in person) Otherwise, you have no idea what they are talking about....Contact a good attorney for 25.00 per month. Pre paid legal offers several services including consultation, advice, contract review, wills, letters/phone calls on your behalf etc. for an unbelievable 12-25.00 per month (depending on your state) I have had them for years and would not be without this service! You can call them everyday with a different matter if you need to. They will take your membership number and have an attorney who specializes in that area call you back.A fantastic service to have..... 100.00 per day and good exercise...Ladies please remember that you can always get money if you use your creativity! Here is a quick way for the broke sista to make a few bucks to feed the kiddies (perfectly legal) Go to Walmart or any store of that type, and buy all their red and white, plastic, open /closed signs (that you can afford) go back to town and start walking. Go from store to store and offer to sell the signs for twice what you paid. Most stores have old, dingy signs and will happily buy a new one that they don't have to go out and purchase. Double your money and if you need to, do it again. I know it does not sound like fun. It may be too hot or too cold (all the more reason the signs will sell) But we do what we must.You all know this..... 2000 per month in college food...If you live near a college or can get to one, you have no excuse to ever be broke! College kids will ALWAYS find money for food. They are some of the most ingenious little devils when it comes to getting their snacks that you have ever seen. To take advantage of their greed, simply go to a popular lunch place and order all the sandwiches, snacks and soda you can afford. Box it neatly and go onto the dorm. Call out Snacks! and watch the kids run! Take notes of what sells the fastest and reinvest your profits. (at least the first time) Many people cannot get to the lunch places be it from lack of transportation or too much studying. They know that they will have to pay more for the stuff than if they went and got it themselves and most will be happy to do just that. If you want to be sure of selling out, buy right before closing when they cannot go get anything for the night, and watch everything sell in minutes! I have seen people put themselves through college using this technique! Unless your personality totally, totally sucks, this will work for anyone! live in a Mansion free of charge-and make 50K per year! Yes this does work, I have a cousin who does this, and always lives in a spectacular home, and makes 120.000 per year and up! It works like this. Go get a real estate license in your state. It will be about 2 weeks if you take the classes daily. Or you can arrange to take them in the evening. (This will take longer but it might fit your schedule better. Once you have taken the state exam and gotten your license, look for very nice houses and mansions for sale. Contact the owners and tell them that you will not only sell their property, but you will live there all year and make sure it is taken care of! Many, many rich people fly all around the world all year long, and worry constantly about their beautiful houses being left empty. You would be shocked at how many people will take you up on this offer, especially because you are a licensed agent and this lends alot of credibility to everything you say. You simply live in the property and show it to prospective clients. You arrange for the closing to take place when the year is up. The best part is that at only 3% commission on a 2 million dollar home or 2, (1) million dollar homes is 60.000! This is a little known wealth tip that 99% of agents don't even know about! Most of them scrounge around trying to sell 100.000 houses and keep a roof over their family's head. They are walking past gold mines everyday, once again because they don't see what they can't see! Now you can see how you can live absolutely free in million dollar homes and get paid for it!!! You can always email me for help or advice at:
(my readers only please)
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Weath ideas for 8/2/08

Consult your way to thousands per month!!

If you have specialized knowledge of ANY kind, a great business to start is a consulting business. This is something that can be started from home on a part time basis and can grow as your knowledge and confidence in the business grows. Make sure to pick a subject you absolutely love and one that you will be very interested in continuing to study. One of the main reasons why many businesses fail is because people do not take their interest/passion into consideration. Many people are basically looking to get rich without realizing that it is 5x times harder to get rich in an area you dislike as one you like. Self analysis is extremely important. If you hate kids, for God's sake don't try to open a daycare! You will be a colossal failure. Not to mention the poor kids will suffer. If you have specialized knowledge of a particular thing (or are happy to gain said knowledge) then you can be a consultant. It simply means that you would get in touch with companies in your field, and let them know about your service. with (Ads, post cards, fliers, phone calls, or word of mouth)Keep in mind that WOM is much slower and this would be used as a sole means of advertising only, if you want to build very slowly. An easy way to do this biz is look in the paper for help wanted ads. You can contact these companies and make an appointment. See these people regarding problems they are having with various aspects of their business. Talk about how you can help them with new ideas, implemented strategies, or various other solutions. Talk about SOLUTIONS with them. Tell them what you can do for THEM! Price yourself at about double-triple what they would pay their employees and get to work. Some common business problems are:
1. Fiscal mismanagement
2. Employee theft
3. Overage of overtime
4. Need to downsize to survive
5.Need to curtail expenses
6.Need to meet Labor/Union stipulations
7.Need to stay competitive
8.Need to come up with fresh image/logo/sales letters etc...

I'm sure you get the idea. You can find a million problems in everyday businesses. And remember that (or buy on Ebay ) on this subject is called; How to succeed as an independent consultant by Herman Holtz Publisher John Wiley and Sons605 third Avenue New York NY 10158

Get Rich with old family recipes!

Did you know that some of the most popular restaurants in your town are probably so popular because of one or two 'favorite dishes or deserts'! Well it's true. Many of the most popular places in any town usually are known for some specialty, which is quietly making the originator of the specialty rich! For instance. I know someone who makes fabulous fudge. She has been making it for years. Well one day a friend of hers convinced her to let her place some on the counter of her family restaurant. She wrapped it nicely and added labels and neatly placed it near the register. Well the result was instantaneous. People clamored for it and begged for more. Soon other restaurants were begging as well. This lady does not want to go nationwide (although she certainly could) she is a little old lady now making 20.000 per month by selling her fudge to restaurants (in other nearby towns) and making it exclusively for this particular restaurant. You can do this too. Some of the most popular dishes in family style restaurants come from ordinary people who have a great recipe. Careful as this is one that can go so big, you'll feel lost and scared. So get a good accountant and try to control the growth. My father, God rest his soul was a fantastic cook. Even better than my mother (and she's a very good cook) He had a pizza recipe that was out of this world! I have never tasted anything like it. And everyone always said the same thing. Whenever he had a pizza party, as he called them. People would beg, plead and pay anything to get in! Restaurants heard of him and offered him money, shares, anything to get that pizza. Unfortunately, daddy was not interested. I think I have told y'all before my father was extremely talented in many ways, yet totally unmotivated to do anything with that talent. He always promised to give us the recipe, but he never did. To this day, we have made thousands of pizza's trying to figure out how to make them taste like his-to no avail. My point is: It really does not do any good for God to bless you with a talent, you refuse to use. Daddy could have made millions in 25 different ways if he had, had a little motivation and desire to do so. But he did not and so he died taking all that wonderful talent with him.... So just know that I can give you all the business ideas in the world, but if you don't have motivation and desire to use them-they can never work....This is a business you can make millions in if you are willing to work hard. It can grow faster than you would believe. Simply take your special recipe and let restaurants try it. Let them see if it will sell. Take it to several and have a nice looking business card wrapped with each item. (with phone number incl. ) If your phone starts to ring off the hook-honey, you are on your way! Get a good accountant and try to control the growth so that you are not overwhelmed.....

1000.00 per week reupholstering furniture (part time!)

Did you know that you can make up to 1000.00 per week upholstering furniture? Well you can. And it does not require much time to learn the skill either. You can Google furniture reupholstering and get started learning for a very modest amount. With the economy in the shape it's in. Many people want to save as much money as they can. Many people would love to have their furniture 'redone' instead of paying for all new furniture. We recently got a new leather couch and love seat set and it was over 2000.00!! So you can see why many people would love to just redo the old. Now this will require someone who has a love of fabrics, style, colors, etc. IOWs someone who has decorating tendencies and loves to make old things new. People please, if this sounds like slave labor to you, then don't waste money buying a kit. You will not be successful in a business you hate. On the other hand, if this sounds great to you read on. The Modern upholstery Institute will practically walk you through how to get started. With tips, samples ads etc. You can work with homeowners, hotels, motels, offices etc. Businesses are great clients because they really do not want to waste money on new furniture that only customers will use and not family members. You can build this as large as you like and remember you can email me with questions at _____________________________________________________
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